Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Open Letter to the Commissioners - Emergency Services

TO: Dearborn County Commissioners
SJ: Emergency Services

Dear Commissioners:

There is a situation in Dearborn County that I find extremely troubling. On Tuesday, Feb. 17 my son was hurt at the Manchester Elementary School. He fell against a brick wall. He was bleeding profusely and was unconscious. The school nurse began to administer aid and the school secretary dialed 911. There was a wait of 55 MINUTES before the ambulance arrived at the elementary school.

Response times of this magnitude are UNACCEPTABLE. This is not Hooterville anymore, the area needs some professional, paid, ambulance services. At the very least the schools need to have a contract with an ambulance service that operates during normal school hours. How can Dearborn County entertain the idea of being a major, metropolitan area in which families would like to reside and have this kind of emergency response system? Why would we even discuss homeland security and protection from terrorist attacks when we can't get an ambulance to an elementary school in under 55 minutes? Please provide some feedback on this most vital issue. Is anyone addressing the appalling situation?

Thank You.

Loretta Ferro Lipps

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