Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Future Sewer District Areas Detailed

Dearborn County citizens be aware. Now that the Sewer District is in place, per a Dearborn County commissioner the process for the next areas can be accomplished much more quickly, in approximately 4 to 6 weeks.

There are four other areas already indicated in the GRW study. They are as follows:

1. New Alsace

The area is along North Dearborn Road from St. Leon west to Lawrenceville Road, north on Lawrenceville Road to above State Highway 46 at Lawrenceville, south on Lawrenceville Road to and including Weisburg and south on York Ridge Road from North Dearborn Road to Yorkville. The areas form a corridor along the highways widening at the village areas.

2. Wrights Corner, Kyle and Manchester

This area starts on State Route 48 at Lawrenceburg and extends northwest along State Route 48 to Manchester, through Wrights Corner and Kyle. It also extends up Greenbrier Road into Wrights Corner.

3. Wilmington, Mt. Sinai and Sparta

This area starts on State Route 350 at Aurora and extends northwest to Moores Hill. It is also a corridor along SR 350 only.

4. Guilford

This area starts at Greendale/Hidden Valley Lake area and extends along State Route 1 up into Guilford.

The original fourth area is now the current Dearborn County Sewer district along US 50 from Aurora to Dillsboro.

Most of the corridors pick up the main roads from town to town along the main highways where years previously the zoning has been changed to residential. They do not infill either areas in the county. In Dearborn County residential zoning permits up to 4 houses per acre with adequate sewage facilities. The addition of sewer systems in these corridors would greatly enhance the ability of these areas to be developed with high density residential subdivisions.

A copy of the GRW study and 20 year plan map were available at the Lawrenceburg Public Library.

If you are concerned about this issue, you need to look into it now or you may not have a chance.

Ralph Thompson
Citizen in the newly formed Dearborn County Sewer District.

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