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23 January 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

23 January 2013 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Shane McHenry, President, Art Little, and Kevin Lynch

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor, Teresa Randall, County Administrator, and Andy Baudendistel, Attorney.



Highway Engineer- Tabled at the request of Kevin Lynch this time.

911 Director- tabled again

Plan Commission- Jim Thatcher of HVL was appointed to replace Ken Nelson on PC and BZA

PTABOA- Mark Neff and Mark Hardebeck reappointed

Bill Black Jr- District 9 Planning Council- tabled as Black hasn’t found a replacement yet.


Port Authority – Shane McHenry can be removed from the agenda now as the new law has been withdrawn for now, so it is not as urgent as previously thought for the county to join the port authority. [NOTE: For more explanation of this see the Tuesday Journal Press article.]

Bill Black Jr- Signatures for EMPG Competitive Grant for $5179.77 Emergency Mgmt performance grant program.  Couple surveillance cameras, weather station, computers, etc. were requested.  Baudendistel had no concerns about this. Commissioners signed the performance grant.

Yellow travel advisory for Jan 21st was signed by commissioners. They will keep it in effect for the next few days also as the roads are still snow covered with the temperature issues. Highway has been keeping on top of it per Lynch.

Sheriff is getting rid of the food wagon and EMA would like to take it over. Black has a 6 wheel drive they bought a few years ago and haven’t used- so he wants to sell it. He will get with Baudendistel to be sure he follows the correct procedures. Commissioners are OK with that.

McHenry asked for warm shelter procedures- Black said that RED CROSS handles that for the county if it becomes needed. Black will let McHenry know the procedure by email tomorrow.

Donna Thacker- 2013 Summary of Dearborn County CASA was presented to commissioners so that commissioners will approve their grants again this year. There were numerous partnerships she said. Partnered with prosecutor to pass out drug kits to encourage parents to drug test their kids. $1500 scholarship will be awarded to someone actively pursuing recovery and going to IVY Tech.  McHenry asked about the drug test kits and she said it was prevention and intervention and when people hear about it in detail it has been positive. They have $8,000 for drug testing kits in their line item. Recovery event was held. Recovery cafĂ© at Hamline church was well received. Lawrenceburg gave them $185,000 this year. They have $10,000 for Lawrenceburg residents to use the intensive GMHC treatment and same for the county residents. They have the same surveys administered for several counties to correlate information - $10,000. McHenry expressed the county’s appreciation for their efforts. Commissioners approved the summary and grants. $86,084 divided up 4 ways was approved.

Wade Kimmon- MOU – Memorandum of Understanding- for data sharing with Boone County – this is an update of one we had that expired in 2012. This is for our police officers when they go to help over there and vice versa. They share pretty much their whole data base with us also. Commissioners approved this. No money is involved in this per Baudendistel.

Charlie Ashley- Signatures for NCIC and IDACS Mgmt Control Agreement- this has to be signed whenever a person on that board changes. This is being done to replace the former police chief from Aurora on that board. Approved.

Brad Rullman- Change orders for Jail project- 6 change orders: All approved:

Change order # 1 for Banta electric- $30,000 deduct for changes in interior lighting package.

Change order #2 for Security Automation System  $5788-  which is a net deduct for RFI #12 deducting some access controls , camera and intercom added to new elevator, remove door access controls and removed the head in system for security package which was redundant.

#1 for Quality Fire Protection- deduct 30568.76 for combining zones, add PR #3  for 345.07  - leading to net deduct of $30,223.69.

#1  for Valley Interior Systems- add PR3 polygraph add wall modification for  total add of 3510

#1 for Queen City Mechanical-  2265 added and plumbing modifications for add of water heaters and contingency for future unseen conditions for $10,000 etc for  total $18,974.

#1 for Triton Services-  modifying existing air intakes to bring up to code. $55,934 additional.

SUMMARY - $2,277 is the total add for all change orders. So they are still in the construction budget.

They are falling slightly behind due to weather conditions. Can’t keep it warm enough without a complete roof.  They still are on target to open it in July for new addition and November for renovations.

ADMINISTRATOR: Teresa Randall- wanted to also thank Brad and Maxwell Construction for all the discussions that kept us on budget. She said she has been well informed of every issue. This is a testament to the fact that we have a good crew of contractors.

Interlocal agreement crafted by Aurora’s attorney Jeff Stratman for the county to take over their dispatch completely. This is a smaller fee for them and there is better communication now.  It starts March 1 for $37,726.02 for this year but will be for $45,000/year after that. But it has to be redone for next year as it does not automatically renew. Aurora’s equipment will be used for spares. Commissioners approved the agreement.

County Website project has their kick off meeting this week. Epop??-- CORRECTION-  EGov Strategies LLC impressed her with their whole plan and experience. Department heads need to be engaged as this is their website too.

EMS next week with Charlie Ashley and Wade Kimmon to discuss information they need from GIS. They can decide how to spend the $100,000 incentive money they were given. They are thankful for Kimmon’s input.

Courthouse Annex review- they interviewed architects with Bryan Messmore and Liz Morris and Eric Hartman and Maxwell. Narrowed it to the top 2. She is doing more research and they will visit them as well as do some reference checking.

Randall stated that Jan 31st (with a tent and maybe portable heaters)  is the groundbreaking for Whitewater Mills. Both Governor and lt governor have sent regrets. Ted McKinney is the new director of the Ag dept at the state and he will attend. He is very excited about this project and will bring another member of the dept. to discuss this further and want to see how it affects the farming community.

AUDITOR: Gayle Pennington - Claims and Jan 7th  and Dec 17th minutes were approved.

Signatures for Commissioners Tax Sale- SRI Contracts- that they reviewed. Baudendistel had no issues. Commissioners signed the contract for the live tax certificate sale for severely delinquent property taxes and NOT the internet sale.

ATTORNEY: Andy Baudendistel:

Animal Control Ordinance – big picture is to look at the entire ordinance. He thinks he needs to have meetings with Marlene, PAWS, and someone from planning and zoning and law enforcement to draft another one. He does have one tonight to address nuisance animals and what to do with one. This attaches a penalty to it. Amending the current ordinance. 90.01 and 90.99 sections are amended. The penalty is $50 first offence, 2nd $100, and third offense they will seize the animal and it becomes property of the county. Commissioners approved the amendment. The sheriff’s dept will be made aware of this also. Effective 30 days from advertisement.

 Unsafe Building Ordinance – tabled until he can get it finished in February at 2nd meeting probably.

County Administrator- Lead Economic Development Officer is the new title for Terri Randall. Baudendistel prepared this as a housekeeping item. Under IC you can assign duties to employees- to clean the job description up he has a resolution that will assign economic development duties to the county administrator position.  Baudendistel read this into the record and stated it is authorized  per  IC 36-2-2-13. She has been doing this since March.

Baudendistel will proceed on a small claim for the sheriff dept for about $2000.

COMMISSIONER COMMENTS- Lynch encouraged people to check in on neighbors in this cold weather.

McHenry said- we should be checking on Art. Laughter. Art said for people to drive safe.

He said highway is getting hit hard with wave after wave of snow. Lots of praise for highway dept.

LATE ARRIVAL INFORMATION- Randall said that the jail project has been drawing down. They will be going back for another $3.5 million draw soon. Also it cost  $48,751.68 for fuel diesel tank that leaked.


Meeting adjourned at  6:30 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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