Saturday, January 11, 2014

Divorce Corp - a Documentary Worth Seeing

Divorce Corp - a Documentary Worth Seeing

I saw Divorce Corp on opening night Jan 10th and it is NOT boring. The documentary is by the same people who gave us the award winning documentary and book in 2006 called MAXED OUT- about the predatory lending system and credit card industry. I expect Divorce Corp (movie and soon to be released book) will garner similar critical acclaim.

Spoiler alert: Our Dearborn County Court system plays a part in this documentary that is not flattering. It will probably make you question the wisdom of some of our local officials who made a series of serious mistakes that cost one extended family a lot of time away from their children and grandchildren who seem to be pawns in the family court business. It also cost a lot of money on all sides, including county taxpayers’ money.

The movie shows the national disgrace of our family courts. This abuse goes well beyond Dan Brewington’s case. It illustrates several cases of people courageous enough to allow their stories to be told in the hopes of reforming our divorce and child custody rulings.

If you know anyone who is or has been through a divorce, you must see this. But any citizen, wishing to be informed, will find this to be a short 1.5 hour lesson in family court and how it operates differently from criminal court.

See the movie- it will make you think- it will make you upset- and perhaps it will make you take action.

Divorce Corp has limited release and is only available locally at the AMC Newport on the Levee until Jan 16. They have showings from 11AM thru 11 PM daily.

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township


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