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7 January 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

7 January 2013 Dearborn County Council Meeting Notes

Present: Dennis Kraus. Sr., President, Dan Lansing, Liz Morris, Randy Lyness, Charlie Keyes, Maynard Barrett, and Bill Ullrich.

Also present: Gayle Pennington, Auditor and Teresa Randall, County Administrator

Kevin Lynch- Commissioner also present.

Moment of silence for Mrs. Skidmore who passed away this morning.


Dennis Kraus Sr was re-elected again as President.

Maynard Barrett was re-elected again as Vice President.

Two voting appointments to Redevelopment Commission- Council is keeping Maynard Barrett and Dave Deddens who is already on it will be their other voting member.

SIRPC SE Indiana regional Planning Commission- Dennis Kraus, Sr. (Wade Kimmon will be the alternate if he can’t attend)

PTABOA- Mary Booker

PLANNING Commission- Dan Lansing

Juvenile Advisory- Liz Morris

Emergency Management- Bill Ullrich

Convention Visitors and Tourism Bureau- Maynard Barrett

Solid Waste- Randy Lyness

Community Corrections- Liz Morris

Personnel Advisory-Dennis Kraus, Sr and Maynard Barrett

OKI- Mark McCormack

Citizen  appointments:

Regional Sewer Board- Jeff Stenger- but is not up for reappointment this year.

Alcohol Beverage Board- Ray Shaffer who has served for 35 years, even though he has had a stroke and is recovering. 

Park Board- Jim Red Elk

CMHC-Community Mental Health- Charlie Keyes

Jail and Courthouse committees- Liz Morris and Dennis Kraus, Sr.

Commissioners - Terri Randall- Architect and geotech analysis- they are at the interviewing stage and 4 architect firms are being interviewed Friday. Liz Morris will be there for interviews Friday. They are trying to see if it is feasible. The best place to put it is between these two buildings and it would then be adjoined. Maxwell is assisting with this process. Only one public access so security savings. They have no price yet. They need a conceptual drawing to get an estimate. Maxwell determined we were short 20,000 sq ft. to conduct business. They would have the architect go thru and validate that number. They want to put the funds up for the entire architect project with an out clause at each stage of eth process. There are fees associated with Maxwell managing this. There are also geotech fees. Asking for $250,000 up front and is hoping not to use all of this. This is a several month process. This is data you would have for all time. Randall thinks this would be a good investment to know what the costs are further out.

Morris said she noted that the RQAW numbers  pretty much match Maxwell’s. She wants to know if we can take the funds out of capital improvement section of the Riverboat fund. Ullrich is impressed with how every one involved with the building has had input. Lansing said that if he had to vote to fund that now he would have to vote no. He wanted to know why we would have bought Hoosier Square if we were going to have an annex. Barrett said we could unload Hoosier Square anytime we wanted to and make a profit. Lansing said- there are 10 less people working in the courthouse than before. Morris agreed with Barrett that when landlocked it is a good idea to buy property when available. Ullrich said the state has a lot of security things that need to be incorporated in courthouses. Lansing likes some of the alternatives now that we have all that invested in the jail. If we get the study- then we are going to do it. Bond or how to pay for it- Lansing asked. Kraus Sr. said pay for it or it costs twice as much. If we lose our $5million riverboat revenue we lose 1/3 of our work force. Lansing worried about all the other gambling competition. Lynch agreed that we will be seeing decreases. We need to utilize the funds we have now to build for the future. Because we may not have that money in the future. Lansing says he doesn’t like being hit up for it all in two years.  Kraus, Sr. said why borrow when we had to move our savings out of Dearborn County and still only get 1-2%. A loan would be 4% or more. Morris said that we are not looking to build an empire we are addressing a problem. We have made progress and appropriate capital improvements for the county.  Morris moved and Ullrich 2nd to approve a NTE $250,000 for architect and geotech. Randy Lyness agrees with Denny that he doesn’t want to borrow. He wanted to know what is in capital improvement. About 50% of money is disbursed for the jail per Randall. Economic development from TIFs will not be available for 20 year per Denny. Glen Wright told them about an option the private sector had when they borrow from themselves and pay 1% to the bank that is holding their cash but paying no interest on it as savings. Pennington didn’t think gov’t could do that. Randall said she would let the council know exactly what it would cost when they know. They want to get a couple of good firms competing for this. Randall said she does not want to be doing this many projects either. They don’t want to get the reputation for spending money. They are being prudent in their processes. The feedback is to address this. I have been very close to the issues over there and it is an embarrassment how we operate over there with overcrowding etc. Commissioners are all worried also about what will happen with revenue projections. Lansing still says costs are going to go up. Motion passed 5-2 with Lansing and Keyes as Nays.

Legal services- $20,000 approved out of riverboat.

Surveyor- Dennis Kraus. Jr. – Plotter- withdrawing his request- he has decided to lease the plotter as it will save money.

Auditor- Gayle Pennington:

December 10th minutes were approved.

Salary Ordinance Amendment- Pennington said there were minor changes in jail as not enough in corporals but too much in sergeants and so they flipped some there. A few more items like that. And a 10 cent error in one highway worker salary.

Budget Amendment- Rolling part time money into a full time salary for auditor deputy. $17,000 in part time money for Sharon Probst. She was working a full 40 hours being shared with two other departments. This changes her budget by $10,000 more to include benefits and PERF. Probst also works in HR and Treasurers office. Auditor lost 3 full times and replaced 1. These cuts were from 2010 and 2011. They will still share her work. Council approved all ordinance and budget amendments.

County Redevelopment request will be moved to another meeting, Prosecutor and Listerman for highway also want to be on February agenda.

Charlie Keyes questioned the sheriff’s contract employee salary being higher than Pennington had said it was. Discussion. And he was not entitled to the 2%. They can table the budget amendment until Pennington gets it explained with Mike Kreinhop.

Meeting schedule for the year for Council are:

February 18 . May 20th.  Budget is set for week after Labor Day Sept 8-12.  Nov 18.All at 6:30 PM

 Listerman wants to come back for Stateline project $2.2million and advertize out of growth and development funds and infrastructure funds just in case they want to split it up. Want to get it constructed this year.

IDEM is making hwy do stream mitigation from North Dearborn in Guilford Park. He also told them Collier Ridge will be built this year.

Meeting adjourned at 8: 15 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller

Lawrenceburg Township

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