Friday, January 24, 2014

Updated Candidate Slate for Dearborn County as of Jan 24th

Candidate Slate for 2014 Primary Election- Updated Jan 24th

Listing of candidates who have filed a declaration of candidacy with the Dearborn County Clerk Office.  Lists are in ballot order; the order that names and positions will be displayed on the Primary Ballots.  In addition to Candidates filing with the Dearborn County Clerk's Office individuals identified as running for Judicial Offices (Judge, Superior Court 1 and Prosecuting Attorney, District 7), will also be identified.
UPDATED:  4PM, Jan 24, 2014

Democrat Party:

     County Commissioner, District 3 - Aaron S. Watson

     County Council, District 1 - Andrew Addison

     County Council, District 2 - Dan Lansing

     County Council, District 3 - Kevin Turner

     York Township, Trustee - Leo Martini

      Precinct Committeeman

     Democrat Party State Delegate  (12 to be elected)
          Tristica Sheckels
          Andrew Addison

Republican Party:
     Judge, Superior Court 1 - Jonathan N. Cleary

     Prosecuting Attorney, District 7 - Aaron Negangard

     Auditor - Gayle L. Pennington

     Recorder - Glenn Wright

     Sheriff - Michael R. Kreinhop

     County Commissioner, District 3 - Shane McHenry

     County Council, District 1 - Liz Morris
     County Council. District 3 - Maynard Barrett

     County Council, District 4 - Dennis A. Kraus

     Clay Township, Trustee - Ryan W. Brandt

     Harrison Township, Trustee - Dennis R. (Denny) Winia
     Logan Township, Trustee - Myrtle M. White

     Miller Township, Trustee - Patricia A. Little

     Washington Township, Trustee - David J. Wunderlich

     Clay Township Advisory Board Member - Martin A. (Marty) Hon

     Clay Township Advisory Board Member - Scott Fortner

     Miller Township Advisory Board Member - Allen W. Goodman

     Miller Township Advisory Board Member - Randy K. Bentle
     Washington Township Advisory Board Member - Todd Bowers

     Dillsboro - City Council, District 1 - Rick Fields
     Dillsboro - City Council, District 2 - Mary Lou Powers 
     Dillsboro - Clerk-Treasurer - Janice Sullivan


     Republican Party State Delegate   (19 to be elected)

          Allen W. Goodman

          Jeff L. Hughes         

          Arthur Little

          Patricia A. Little

          Ruth Ann Little

  Looking for candidates at the state level?  State Candidate information is available at the Indiana Elections Division website, select "2014 Primary Election Candidates".  Website is -


Anonymous said...

Same old tired people on the Republican ticket.

Anonymous said...

A couple of the Dem candidates are retreads as well. That said, you have to give credit to people -- no matter who they are or what party they belong to -- who put themselves out there instead of sitting back and whining from the sidelines.
On this blog there's a good summary of what to do if you want to run for office.