Friday, January 24, 2014

If you want to run for office- here are the basic rules

Dearborn County Election Board

2014 Primary Election

Candidate Information

County, City, Town, and Township Elected Office Candidates must file declaration of candidacy (CAN-2 and CAN-12) beginning January 8, 2014 and before noon Friday, February 7, 2014. Each candidate must further file campaign finance reports (CFA-1, CFA-4 & attachments) with the county election office, (812) 537-8867.

Township Advisory Board candidates are exempt from filing campaign finance reports IF campaign receipts and/or expenditures are less than $500.00.

State Office Candidates must file candidacy and campaign finance reports with the Indiana Election Division, (800) 622-4941. 

Judicial Office Candidates (Prosecutor & Circuit or Superior Judge) must file candidacy with the Indiana Election Division, (800) 622-4941. Campaign finance reports (CFA-1, CFA-4 & attachments) are filed with county election office, (812) 537-8867.


The lifecycle of a candidacy for Elected Office Candidates has 3 mandatory phases:

1.       Declaration of Candidacy. Completion and submission of official forms to the Elections Office. The forms necessary for this action are:

a.       Declaration of Candidacy (CAN-2). You must legibly complete SF 46439, DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY FOR PRIMARY NOMINATION IN 2014 (CAN-2). Complete front and back, sign in presence of a notary, have notarized. This form MUST be completed and submitted together with the Economic Interests, (CAN-12); it will not be accepted separately and it must be received prior to NOON, Friday, February 7, 2014. NOTE: Certification of County Chairman may be required. See paragraph (3) of the CAN-2 form.

b.      Economic Interests (CAN-12), this is a new requirement. You must legibly complete SF 55128, STATEMENT OF ECONOMIC INTERESTS FOR LOCAL AND SCHOOL BOARD OFFICES (CAN-12). Complete front, sign in presence of a notary, have notarized. This form MUST be completed and submitted together with the Declaration of Candidacy, CAN-2; it will not be accepted separately and it must be received prior to NOON, Friday, February 7, 2014.

c.       Township Advisory Board Candidates are not required to submit additional campaign finance documents unless their campaign receives or spends in excess of $500.00. 

d.      Statement of Organization, (CFA-1). Each other County, City, Town, and Township  elected office candidate must have a campaign finance committee and file a CFA-1 Form. CFA-1 is due prior to noon, February 14, 2014. Changes to CFA-1, Statement of Organization must be completed and submitted within 10 days of the change.

2.       Ongoing Campaign. Political candidates, except Township Advisory Board (under $500), must submit completed Campaign Finance Reports.  Mandatory Campaign Finance Reports are due before noon on 04/21/2014, 10/17/2014, 01/21/2015 and Supplemental Reports of large contributions are due in 48 hours after receipt of contribution. Subsequent Annual Reports are due by the third Friday each January until submission of “Final/Disbands Committee” CFA-4 Report. Reports submitted after noon on the due date shall be subject to $50 per day civil penalty. Defective reports shall be subject to $10 per day civil penalty. Knowingly filing a fraudulent report is a felony and subject to $10,000 fine, 3 years imprisonment or both.


3.       Campaign End. You won, or lost, but your campaign and campaign reporting requirements do not stop. Indiana Law requires that you continue to submit required Campaign Finance Reports. You may disband your committee (officially end your campaign) at any time by giving written notice and filing a final report (CFA-4).  When completing your final CFA-4, lines 18a, 19a, 20a should be ZERO.   Indiana Code 3-9-1-12 addresses disbanding committees and distributing remaining cash on hand.


Political Office Candidates, (Precinct Committeeman (Democrats ONLY in 2014), Democrat Party State Convention Delegates, & Republican Party State Delegates), must file candidacy with the county election office. Must file using CAN-37 form. Complete front, sign in presence of a notary, have form notarized. If an individual is seeking BOTH committeeman and delegate position they must complete a separate CAN-37 for each position.

School Board CandidatesSchool Board Elections will be in November 2014. School Board Candidates may file Petition of Nomination or Write-in Declaration. School Board elections in Dearborn County in 2014 will be conducted in the November General Election only. Declaration of Candidacy for School Board must be completed as follows:
--Petition of Nomination CAN-34 and Economic Interest CAN-12 due July 23 – Aug 22;
Write-in Declaration CAN-3 and Economic Interest CAN-12 due Jan 8 – July 3.


Candidate information is available at the Indiana Elections Division website: 

Candidate forms and candidate information is available thru the Indiana Elections Division website:

Candidate Campaign Finance Forms and information is at the following website: 


Individuals needing additional information may contact the Indiana Elections Division: 

Phone: 317.232.3939 Fax: 317-233-6793 E-mail:

or the Dearborn County Elections Office, 2nd floor DC Courthouse, 812-537-8867.



Anonymous said...

A search of Elections divisions proved futile for a list of past campaign contributors. Needing a list of campaign contributors for the last sheriff's election. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

bloguser said...

For April 2010 (May)Primary sheriff- go to:

For October 2010 (Nov) election sheriff go to: