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20 May 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

20 May 2008 Dearborn County Commissioners Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, Chairman, Fox, and Thompson.
Also present: Ewbank, Attorney.
ABSENT: Messmore and Pickens
A uniformed officer was not present.

1. Drainage issues for Mr.Schneider were reviewed from last meeting and determined that the county is not at fault and the road is not in jeopardy. There are sinkholes on the property and the culvert is estimated at being about 120 feet long. [NOTE: If that is the case, then the culvert, which is owned by the county, is laying outside the ROW of the road and on the owner’s properties.] The house was built in 2001. Ewbank referred to the “but for” rule- But for the actions of the county would the water have eroded the land?

Schneider thought he was entitled to some relief under “the common enemy” rule as in the Soil and Water paperwork he was reading. He noted that from what he’s seen of Tucker’s subdivision in his neighborhood, there are drainage issues and he has a hard time believing that the culvert was properly outletted. The road was taken over by the county and apparently, no one looked at the drains since then. Ewbank thinks the warranty deed should cover this. The home was built with permits issued to John and Barbara Moore and Marshall Enterprises.

Cost to fix- about $6600. Ewbank with Listerman will write a letter from commissioners for Schneider to send to the builder to get relief. Katy Rademacher – Enf Officer- will work on getting a safe catch basin constructed on the other side as well as it is open and dangerous now.

The other side is in sheriff’s sale. Kraus will get survey from Woodfill of original plat. Listerman will give f/u to commissioners at next meeting.

2. Minzner- GIS- Ewbank reported that utilities are using our GIS.

3. Region 9 Workforce Board appointment requested by Mr. Timms for either Marty Hon (former hwy supt and former county chairman for Republican Party) or Jim Kinnett (recently hired to consult with DCEDI on economic development, also works for OHIO county econ dev). Commissioners appointed Hon because of his highway experience. Thompson abstained and stated he didn’t know what value highway experience had for job creation.

4. K-9 Fund Maintenance was created by ordinance and signed for the sheriff’s dept.

5. Listerman- Transportation updates:

Bids were opened and Commissioners accepted A&A Safety of Amelia OH for line striping at $75,344.76 and O’Mara for paving at $1,584,025.11

Annual 2007 report for highway dept was signed and sent to SBOA.

Signage for SR1 should be there near the interstate access and Artemis is still not directly programmed by INDOT yet. The funding expires in a year.

6. Manchester EMS contract signed. Claims and minutes signed.

7. Ewbank brought up a lien release for a rehab property from 1998- the owners (Theo and Grace Boling (sp ?)) died before the 10 years was up to qualify for release. Property is being sold. The 10 years expires in July. Commissioners signed the release.

8. Thompson brought up the concern of the building dept inspections being shut down for Class 1 inspections on commercial properties by the state. This will affect industrial and commercial development and slow things down as they wait for state inspections, rather than local ones.

Fox wants to meet with Townsend individually so as not to make him feel cornered to get to the issues. He said- “we have to run with the rules that exist.”

Thompson said he’d already met with him, staff and the state.

Fox said- we may need an executive session to address this.

Thompson noted that with no inspections, the county loses revenue and people may lose their jobs in that dept.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM
Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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