Friday, May 23, 2008


Tim Wilson has written in a recent editorial in the Register that the residents of Dearborn County want “positive results”.” Positive Results” is a bumper sticker slogan. Perhaps you could prevail upon Mr. Wilson to explain in some detail what “positive results” is.

Next we have the slogan “non progressive action” What is that? Then we have “Move this county forward”. We need these tiresome hackneyed slogans explained in detail. Are these slogans simply subterfuges for the home builders agenda?

The nasty term parochialism as used by Mr. Wilson refers to selfish pettiness. Is it selfish pettiness that residents object to being forced onto sewer systems they don’t need, don’t want and can’t afford which simply support more subdivisions? Is it selfish pettiness that some residents of this county do not wish to live next to high density subdivisions which as they age and as portions of them go into foreclosure, become the ghettos and slums of the neighboring cities? This is already happening in some parts of the United States.

If members of the business community need the politicians to help as Mr. Wilson has suggested perhaps they do not have a viable entity with which to begin.

One wishes that the home builders would simply tell us exactly what it is they want. What is it they want the politician to do for them?

Alan Stanley Freemond, Sr.
Tanners Creek Farm
Jackson Township


anonymous47025 said...

Tim Wilson, president of Dearborn County Homebuilders Association with the PO Box of the HBA in Aurora is how he signed his editorial. I don't see any Tim Wilson in the local phone books. Does he LIVE and VOTE in Indiana?

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

This is s the kind of material that ought to be in the newspaper.

I fear that the mighty DCDEI and C of C ectatic, more ecstatic that a full treatment massage at Jade East, over the purchased primary election of Hughes has put some presssure on the Newspaper.

They published Messmore's whining complaint about Chris Mueller and published his rediculous mistatement of the Indiana Code, claiming that it is indiana law to have a police officer at meetings. Perhaps county appointees ought to be given a reading or better yet a ready comprehension test befoe receiving the appointment.

They published Wilson's ambiguous letter to the editor but no accurate criticism.
The Black Hats are on a roll.

Pray for our county as these guys prey upon our county.

jb said...

Worse yet- they don't even reside here!

nwquad1 said...

I found it rather odd that Mr. Wilson uses a PO box for an address also. A quick web search turned up the following information.
Tim Wilson dba Timothy Homes lives in Hamilton County, owns additional property near Maimitown, Ohio for his business office. He does own one building lot near Georgetown Rd. Call me cynical but you would think the president of the Dearborn County Homebuilders Association would have stronger ties to our community.
Add him to the list with Jim West, Mike Rozow, Steve Renihan , and countless others before them, outsiders making decisions that affect the residents. If they screw-up it is just another poor business decision. The taxpayers are left holding the bag. (ex: Macke and the Sugar Ridge mess) Makes you wonder who is looking out for you and me.