Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Voting results- Primary 2008

Voting results- Primary 2008
Registered voters- 36,254
Ballots cast- 12,305
Voter turnout – 33.94%

REPUBLICAN BALLOT- total votes- 5146

D-1 Commissioner
Jeff Hughes- 2475
Rick Pope- 827
Kathy Scott- 1178

D-2 Commissioner
Rick Fox- 3472

Council at large
Maynard Barrott- 1451
Charlie Fehrman-2309
Casey Finnegan-1358
Thomas Hammond- 1092
Patrick Holland- 1044
Bill Ullrich- 2708

Judge Superior 1
Jonathon Cleary- 3053
G Michael Witte- 1516

Dennis Kraus, Jr.- 2701
Roger Woodfill - 1363

Philip Weaver- 4088

Gayle Pennington- 3960

Donald Wesley Holt- 3774

President of the USA
McCain- 3827
Huckabee- 432
Paul- 287
Romney - 246

DEMOCRAT BALLOT – total votes- 7157

Commissioner- D-2
Jerome Jake Hoog - 2238
Thomas Orschell- 2981

Judge Superior 1
Thomas Blondell- 2351
Barbara Wyly- 3085

President of the USA
Clinton - 5270
Obama - 1782


Voice of Reason said...

Jeff Hughes, Charlie Fehrman, Maynard Barrett ... all men attacked on this blog, yet the voters made them the top vote-getters. It seems the system works. You get to enjoy freedom of speech, the public gets the freedom to vote and we all go away happy. Oh wait a minute...those of you that moan and groan incessantly on this site will probably claim voter fraud.

NorthWest said...

No, in my opinion the only fraud was the one elected, no doubt on the strength of name recognition alone - purchased, not with donations from ardent supporters, but with $13,500 dollars of his own money. One wonders what could justify such an expenditure, other than the obvious "It worked". Possessing a vote does not automatically confer the wisdom as to how such a vote should be used. But the beauty of the system is that it does indeed work. In a short while we will all be better informed and have the opportunity to correct our mistakes. It has happened before. Just ask Vera.

I am a firm believer in charity and volunteerism, but I suspect that the average spouse might object to such lavish spending "in the public interest". A sum that would have paid most folks' mortgages for a year. I was unaware that Mr. Hughes was so well heeled that such a sum would not be missed from the household budget. Perhaps he won't miss it, or perhaps he is more clever than I suspected, and has a plan to recoup the funds that I have failed to recognized as an ethical option while serving.

Oh, and lest you balk at the use of the word "fraud", what would you call someone who oozes sympathy, professes to be powerless to protect those in the shadow of the St Leon Tyrannosewer (and perhaps actually was at the time), but then fails to use the opportunity to veto a letter of recommendation to Lawrenceburg requested by that organization to induce a change in its behavior towards his constituents. Perhaps fraud is incorrect. Hypocrite, maybe. I'll have to check my dictionary.

A. Dearborn Countian said...

Has anyone taken a look at the UNDERVOTES here?
Look at total cast in each primary- then look at total cast in each election.
For example Rick Fox- 3472 out of 5146 cast. Even unopposed, some Republicans left him blank.
Look at Judges races total and see that almost ALL republicans voted there- 4569 out of 5146.
Look at Commissioner- Republicans- 4480 out of 5146.
So what happened to Mr Fox?

By contrast- look at Democrats with judges drawing 5436 voters of 7157 total and commissioners drawing 5219 of 7157 cast.
Even the presidential race there got 7052 of 7157. Only 105 shy.
So how many republicans drew democrat ballots- at least 1721- maybe more.
Local races get skewed whenever the knowledgeable voters cross over.
How much did the race cost Mr Hughes? Check his final report in January. $13,000 is not the end. Judging from his THREE full color mailers- he probaly spent close to $10 a vote for the primary. That's close to a full year commissioner president salary BEFORE taxes.

DCCitizen2 said...

And watch to see if he gets reimbursed for his expenditure.

With such a large expenditure for the Primary what will happen if the Democratic Party puts a candidate up by Caucus to run against Hughes. Will he be able to come up with another $15,000? If so, from where?

Hoosier said...

To a.dearborn countian.....Just because people voted doesn't mean that they have to vote for all the positions. If someone is running unopposed most of the time people probably won't even mark the name. So I would say nothing happened to Rick Fox.

Good job to Jeff...I guess all those people that said head would be rolling got it wrong. It only proves that the majority of the people in Dearborn County can see throug the crap talk.

Jman said...

Actually I think the majority of people in Dearborn County don't even know this site exists. Only the people who have been adversely affected by the DCRSD and the Vieste fiasco have gotten into what is really going on in our county government. This leaves out the most populous areas therefore resulting in people voting for a familiar name on the ballot. Unfortunately the majority of the public are not informed about the wasteful spending on Vieste and the DCRSD, ignorance is bliss as they say.

politicalpolly said...

Ignorance is bliss until it's in their backyard and then- wow- you have all this information out here- great! Now I need help to fight these clowns. That's when you meet all your neighbors.
Better to elect good people than to have to fight the people elected to "protect your health safety and welfare."

hmmmmm said...

Jeff Hughes got how many votes? If I received that few of votes in a county of so many I would feel defeated.

As far as Rick Fox, with people "not voting" for him but casting a Republican ballot says a lot to me. He can and should be beat. It might take a Jon Cleary effort to make it happen.

When is Jeff going to get his trash out of people's yards? Isn't there an ordinance that says the trash needs hauled away after the election?

Were there more surveys returned on the land use maps than votes cast for Hughes?

Edith said...

Who is the anal retentive control freak that smothered this blog to death?

NorthWest said...

Hoosier, your analysis is seriously flawed. The majority of the people in Dearborn County didn't even vote. The majority of those that did vote, pulled a Democratic ballot. Of those that did vote in the Republican primary, less than half voted for Jeff. Last I heard, a "majority" usually involves MORE than half of something. In total he recieved only %20 of the votes cast and less than %7 of the votes theoretically available. Not a comforting mandate given that it isn't over till November.

I think it quite likely that the folks that believe that Jeff Hughes' failure to support and defend his constituents from the predatory practices of the Tyrannosewer are likely to take a page from the playbook of the self appointed Republican "elites" in the Ralph Thompson election. Even if it is only the same sample voting, how well do you suppose Jeff will fare against 7157 Democrat votes combined with 2000+ voters who voted against him in the primary.

I believe you miscalculate the will of the electorate at large and I think the scenario suggested by DCCitizen2 is quite likely in the general election.

Mr. Fox faces the same threat with much greater certainty.

anonymous47025 said...

Thank heavens the little ratings stars disappeared- they were slowing the site load.

On another topic above- northwest- Ithink you are dead right in your analysis of the voters. If there is ever a year for Dems to get their people in- 2008 is it.
I personally think a little change-up in the status quo would be good. Nothing like having a variety pack on a board instead of a bunch of republican machined marionettes.

DCCitizen2 said...

We only have two "republican machined marionettes" in office now.

However, it would be nice to have a mixed party Commission again, especially if all the Commissioners were concerned about the County and its citizens and not just the few developer/realtor/Chamber handlers, who bought them.

Fortitude said...

Anon 47024
Exactly a few Dems to balance or better cleana the county of the RINO machine driven people would be a good idea and feasible for 2008.