Thursday, May 08, 2008


Dearborn County Public Forum presents a new feature- the editorial cartoon.
This one is by local artist, Thom Hammond.


A. Dearborn Citizen said...


Thanks for the contribution, Thom.

jb said...

This gives a whole new meaning to "stick to it."
Hope you do more- this is to the point.

Hoosier said...

So now since he lost Thom is going to start stooping low. I wonder how long he has had this waiting until after the Primary Election. His true color shows after his loss. The only nice thing is that at least he is trying to use humor to get through his election loss

DCCitizen2 said...

More like he's using humor to make a point!

He has been dealing with forced hook ups, which the pro development people keep saying doesn't happen. The issue of forced hook-ups is not a figment of the Citizen's imagination. Just ask all the citizens that attended the DCRSD's "Forced hook-up Ordinance" public hearing.

Hoosier, if his cartoon is stooping low, what are the attempts at secret meetings and back door legislation that violate the Indiana Code and Open Door law?

nwquad1 said...

At least Thom makes his views public, not hidden in a heavily censored meeting or behind closed doors.

anonymous47025 said...

Hammond sends a cartoon editorial and someone thinks it's stooping low.
Is criticism of government actions stooping low?
Should government be allowed to shepherd us around like sheep and we just blindly accept it as the fleece us?
hoosier- I think you need to take a closer look at your fellow citizens and see if you can understand what they are enduring.

RickPope said...

Gee, Thom speaks out, signs his name, and gets slammed for it.

Well, I say thanks Thom. Even though you and I may disagree on some things, I admire your spunk and honesty. But I won't call you a "friend" lest others think less of you........

Edith said...

Pope, you seem to have some persecution complex.

We all know where Hammond stands.

But you seem kind of wishy-washy.

Kind of like being against forced sewer hookups but being for the dcrsd and St. Leon.

DCCitizen2 said...

The life has disappeared from this site.

I want to thank Chris Mueller, A Dearborn Countian, Thom Hammond, Ralph Thompson and Jerry Jacobsen for their contributions. This can presumably continue as a subscription service; but, the interchange of opinion from both sides was the only reason to visit the site itself. I think Edith is correct that this site is no longer worth the viewing.

I wish the County had an open forum, that the developers, realtors, and lawyers could not stifle.

Good luck all.

Edith said...

How ironic, Rick Pope posts on this site, boasting that he signs his name to his posts, to a site that his "friend" John Maxwell and his minions have done their best to shut down.

What a brave soul Rick Pope must be.

As strong and as fast as wood-ribbed horse.

A Trojan Horse.

Edith said...

"DCCitizen2 said...
The life has disappeared from this site. "

Yes, the nerds have permitted the bullies to strangle the life out of this blog.

Mark Hall said...

Hey Thom , good job.

Edith said...

While I enjoyed Thom Hammond's editorial cartoon, I wonder if Rick Pope's good "friend,” who shares his post mid-life crisis riding motorcycles, would have preferred to have a uniformed police officer present during its drafting.

All those captions that rode piggy-back on Hammond’s cartoon would have been escorted out the editorial door by Rick Pope’s good friend’s uninformed police officer.

Why spoil a nice cartoon with political truths.

Edith said...

While Pope is working very hard, for reasons unfathomable by us normal, honest folks, to be the most colorful of crayons in the Maxwell development crayon box, he still comes off as the least brightest of such array of crayons.

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

Well we now know that Hoosier who took a shot at Hammond is from the sewer people. I assume that he/she likes the idea of a 4K hookup fee, a 2.5K grinder pump and monthly water and service fees with the spectre of a Sheriff's sale hanging over the heads of those who can't or won't submit to this insanity .

Now Hoosier you took a shot at Hammond, come on now tell me who you are. Why are you hiding behind what is essentially annomyous. you can out yourself and then get yourself another handle, it's so easy

RickPope said...

Ms. Bunker sez: "Pope, you seem to have some persecution complex."

It's not a complex. It's the reality that some folks start rumors, tell lies, and never back anything up with facts.

There are many people on this forum who are a real asset to the community, Perhaps someday, you, Edith, can be one of them.

Was it Abraham Lincoln, or Mark Twain who said "Never argue with a fool. They'll just drag you down to their level".

jb said...

edith- are comments the life of the blog?
if so are only CERTAIN commenters the life of the blog?
you seem to have alot to say- i would suggest you write a piece for the main blog and reach the subscribers, the casual readers, and the commenters. your audience would be bigger. and then you can see how people feel about your issues.
it will help hone your arguments.

Christine Brauer Mueller said...

jb and edith and others above- I would say that comments with real names are a 2 edged sword.
If you like the person named- you accept what they say, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT GOOD IDEAS. If you don't like the person it taints their ideas- EVEN IF THEY ARE GOOD ONES.

Sometimes being anonymous allows people to look at the posted idea and accept or reject it on it's face.
The downside of anonymity is that it allows the poster to get personal (i.e. attacks on mid- life crises or personal character traits or the person's family background)
Try to be more civil. It goes a long way toward getting to a solution- rather than just being angry.
Now if you just want to quickly chat-like the old comments- try the new conversation board - It's just to the left of the post at the top- above the archives list on the left.

Plebeian said...

Thom Hammond,etal;
The effigy of the lawyer Watson should be "larger than life". Even though the cartoon portrays the debachle, in reality the lawyers are running the ST Leon Town Council and in my opinion the St Leon Council is a pawn not the "BIG BEAR"!

TPH said...

My comment to Pleb...

Get out your box of pencils and do your own cartoon.

By the way, the little watson is directing the Big Bear as to what to do!!! Need I say more. TPH

Plebeian said...

I'm not critical of the art work. I could not have done the cartoon at all. The cartoon is a great example of your skill. In truth I was just stating the fact that the BIG BEAR of the political process is the taxpayer money that is available for lawyers to obfuscate. Most citizens don't realize that lawyers are directing our tax money. The elected officials are lead by lawyers under the guise of "Is it legal?" In the process, the lawyers are latently taking and directing more tax dollars from our coffers than they should be able to charge or direct.
Our elected officials need to stand and think on their own. The elected officials need to think and act independently. If a legal issue arrises, ask the legal counsel. Presently, in our local
politics, the reverse is happening and that leads to corruption which you personally have been enduring.

Hoosier said...

Alan...I don't think the forced sewer hook-ups are fair. I agree with most that if the septic is working there should be no need for hook up. But I also don't believe this is an issue being caused by developers. If sewer is needed to be extended the developer pays for that extension. For people to assume otherwise is just plain wrong.

I had just noted that this didn't come out prior to the election. I think it was just a way to show his anger over losing as well as with the force hook ups. I don't think he would have posted it if he had won. I just don't believe that a person trying to run for a office needs to act that way. I understand that he was wanting to make a change but the change needs to be made in a professional manner

Jman said...

The problem is that developers are sitting on the boards that make the decisions about the sewers being extended. The main reason the DCRSD was developed was to fix High Ridge, but now they have asked for more money to extend the sewer system without ever fixing High Ridge. Does that not seem like a problem to you?

Plebeian said...

Maxwell wanted DCRSD to buy $3 million in sewage capacity at St Leon with no sewer lines to connect to anything. Now what the heck is the rational for this when the DCRSD was organized to fix sewage pollution at High Ridge next to Dillsboro?
The DCRSD needs to obtain people on the BOD that fix pollution!
Maxwell is way off TARGET...or personally on his OWN target.