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7 May 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

7 May 2008 Dearborn County Commissioner Meeting Notes

Present: Hughes, President, Fox, and Thompson.
Also present: Pickens, Auditor, Ewbank, Attorney, and Messmore, Administrator
A uniformed police officer was present

From the executive session preceding the meeting commissioners tabled the Med Ben Appeal for further info and took the Personnel Matter under advisement pending development of plans to correct the situation.

Hughes attempted to reorder the agenda so that the video arraignment was first in deference to the presence of two judges and the prosecutor. The projection needed to be fixed, so the meeting proceeded as originally planned.

Minzner- GIS update- was not done as Minzner was unavailable this evening.

Washington Township Trustee was appointed as Sally Nugent Randall filling the spot left by her husband Clyde (who recently passed away) According to IC 3-13-10-2 if the party doesn’t fill the spot in 30 days, the commissioners do.

Greg Davis- not present for the Pruss Road question- handled under Hwy Dept later.

Andrew Schneider and his father presented drainage issues at 3023 Cumberland Dr. in Mountain Meadows and old Tucker subdivision built around 1979 prior to tech reviews etc. After discussing the rules on drainage not changing what was originally the pattern, Listerman also talked about the road culvert and associated 3 properties and ponds. At 5611 Berkshire there was a similar problem that they might use to show a possible solution.
Hughes said we have performance bonds now so these things won’t happen. Schneider said Jennifer Hughes of Soil and Water gave him information that indicates the county is liable. Fox thought that if it was underneath the road we could go in and fix it – even on Schneider’s land as it would be undermining their road.

Commissioners TABLED this to have the various experts bring back solutions. Pickens went over to talk to the Schneiders about Soil and Water Board etc.

Kim Coble- ESCO - gave a presentation on video arraignment with FTR digital recorder being installed already in the commissioners room and a few speakers. They didn’t upgrade in the room to be cost effective. She talked about analyzing needs of each of the courthouse judges and prosecutor for video conferencing using the internet. ESCO does custom integrations so that they can get it all worked out under one roof. She demonstrated the product capabilities and options. Cobol strongly recommended they check out Noble County’s set-up and a few others they have done. Uses include telemedicine for prisoners, remote conferencing for expert witnesses, arraignment without leaving the jail, etc. The packet of info included Phase 1 – Superior Court 2 and jail, then Superior court 1, then circuit court, then prosecutor and finally commissioner room for them and Judge Blankenship as needed.

Judge Blankenship – appreciate all the work but my court has no jury room- people will still be coming through the halls, how will this all fit into a small courtroom? Everything needs to be compatible and still be able to expand. She thought it would be most helpful to the sheriff. She said initial hearings are a small group of all the transports done. [NOTE: Reading between the lines- she seems to think it’s not that helpful to the judges.]

Judge Humphrey Superior Court should come first- their needs are greater.

Negangard- the only use his office would have would be for depositions.

Thompson- some of this is wireless- Cobol- yes- and that is great for historical buildings.

Fox- payback numbers?

Thompson- perhaps from the sheriff’s dept. and some insurance problems with liability.

Fox- going to move forward fixing the space issue in the courthouse.

Commissioners -Tabled this to give judges chance to view it in practice elsewhere.

Todd Listerman- Transportation Dept.-
Waiting on Collier Ridge- working on a possibility of compacting soil after cutting below the slip plain.

Met with Heritage Eng and CPI on Holt Road solutions- may realign the bottom using concrete arch structure- estimates by May-June.

Bids for 2008 paving and chip seal for Ester Ridge and S Hogan out.

Bids for striping out.

Bridge 20 over Chesterville wage rate hearings at the end of May

Greg Davis- not present- but Pruss Road was discussed. The ROW has been acquired from him so the road will go to his place and end in a cul de sac. Property owners in the area affected were Claude Burke and Dean Benning. Davis and siblings bought the Devon Rump property [NOTE: this property has been split for Devon Rump and Heather Benning Rump divorce. The road in question has had issues with ROW and as aligned now it has almost all the ROW on the one side- not the Droege side.]

Listerman said there is a 2002 agreement signed by Richard Anthony on Pruss Road off Grelle Road. Richard Shelley the engineer following Anthony built the road on Commissioner Benning’s orders. Numerous attempts to get it accepted into eth highway have failed over the years due to ROW issues. The road is a gravel road and supposedly easier for the county to maintain than old Pruss Road.

Fox- People need to have access to their land. Commissioners thought this would be cheapest for the county to maintain now- they confirmed the 2002 agreement as soon as requirements are complete and they can request vacation of the old Pruss Road. Davis can now record his deed.

Dennis Kraus Jr.- Advised commissioners that he is working with Soil and Water Board to police and maintain drainage and detention ponds. Thinks they will eventually need a Drainage Board. We have no regulated one here. Under state law the drainage board is supposed to review plats before the Plan Commission. Pickens opposed as this will lead to another TAX! Do more research – see their rates etc.

Pickens- Claims and Minutes signed.

Messmore- NOTHING to report.

Ewbank- No new lawsuits.

Hughes- out campaigning and people wanted the official county website updated. Pickens said when GIS is done we can consolidate it all. [NOTE: there is still a lot to be updated that has nothing to do with GIS- minutes and agendas for example. Some boards have nothing- Council‘s section of the website has next to nothing- not even the budget. Commissioner’s minutes are not even close to being up to date. The county site could be a great place to get information- and highlight the county as being tech savvy. Highway could have their road lists on etc. The information exists in digital form already- why not post it? Couldn’t the county administrator do this?]

Meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

"remote conferencing for expert witnesses,"
Although the judges know better ( Lord I hope so) it was my opinion when I was called to be an expert witness (yes I was) I thought that a flesh and blood expert was more effective to a jury than a filming or whatever they now do.

It'd be intereseting to hear what some of our judges think of that.

DCCitizen2 said...

The life seems to have gone out of this Web Log as far as the comments are concerned.

The activity as been reduced to virtually nothing. Does that mean the new constraints effectively "kill" free speech? Should we abandon this site? Do we need a new site?

Any thoughts from anyone else?

Edith said...

Remember, the "Management" thinks this is a change for the better.

Edith said...

P.S. Congratulations to Tom Orshell.

Do you elitists understand he is on our side?

Quit licking your wounds.

Look at the numbers that came out for democratic candidates and those for republicans who opposed dinks like Hughes.

Tom will beat Fox by a landslide.

We need to find another honest "Truman" democrat to run against Hughes in the general.

Let us see him further dip into "his" (yeah right) savings to defend himself up toward the general election in November.

I don't expect a lot of follow up posts.

The "Management" put the brakes on that.

I will check in from time to time to see if the "Management" comes to its senses.

Until then, remember to feed the crickets.

jb said...

Orschel did get more votes than Hughes and that's with Republican crossovers. Fox didn't do as well as he should - being unopposed.
Ricky better be saving his pennies too.

RickPope said...

Perhaps even if Hughes and Fox win in november, they will have gotten a message........nah.
As to the requirement that we have names, or at least some identity, it's about time. This forum would have much more credibility if folks would have the spine to be recognized, rather than hiding behind "Anonymous". It had gotten to be "Whiners Anonymous". If you want our officials to be accountable, the same requirements should apply to the critics. Fair is fair......

Edith said...

"If you want our officials to be accountable, the same requirements should apply to the critics. Fair is fair......"

With the vindictive powerful public figures in this county?

I don't think so.

Who needs Doug Baer poking around our back yards looking for infractions.

disinterested said...

Dorthy White put a sign up in her front yard speaking her mind and Pope's good friend, John Maxwell, had his buddies in local government sue her. With our tax dollars no less. Judge those by the friends they keep.

Robert Bissett said...

Commissioners need to tell Carey Pickens that he does not make policy for the county; that is their job.

The Dearborn County website has been an embarrassment for a long time; complaints seem to fall on deaf ears.

RickPope said...

Disinterested, that's exactly the type of comment I dis-like. Yes, I count John Maxwell as a friend. We greet each other cordially, and respect each other. Do we always agree? No. Have either of us ever been to the others house? No. Do we see each other socially? Well, I've gone on a couple of motorcycle rides when he was along. So, what's your definition of "friend"?
In fact, my best friend is my wife, and we don't always agree either.
For the record, I also count Chris Mueller, and a bunch of other regulars on this forum, as friends, and John doesn't condemn me for it. I work hard to have lots of friends and few enemies. You should try it.
And I'm man enough to sign my name to my thoughts, right or wrong. Prove me wrong and I'll eat my words, in public. I won't act like a third grader, hiding around the corner and shouting taunts.

Edith said...

Do you think John Maxwell's attempts to force pressurized sewers on others to aid him with his development is above board and commendable, even while he is refusing himself to hook on to St. Leon's sewers because, like you, he has many "friends" also?

RickPope said...

I won't pass judgement on Mr. Maxwell, because I'm not informed on all the aspects of the situation. I've stated openly that I am NOT in favor of forced hook-ups.
And do you know for a fact that Maxwell is in favor of it in other cases? Or are we just making assumptions?

RickPope said...

Much was said about the previous posting of the Declaration of Independence here a while back. Thank heavens our forefathers had the backbone to sign their real names. Now there's a document with credibility(sp?).

Edith said...

So, John Maxwell was against the ordinance the dcrsd floated last week requiring forced hookups?

What next, a debate on what the definition of "is" is?

Edith said...

Maybe dcedi board member Maxwell can encourage his fellow members to show their backbone and open up their meetings to the public to regain some iota of credibility?

Edith said...

From 7 December 2007 DCRSD Meeting Notes:

"Some one asked Maxwell if he was on sewer. It is in front of his house; but, he's not hooked on.

Baer: It's wrong not to hook on.

Maxwell: Need to say________ need to hook on, if notice by the Board of Health. There has to be a process to force hook."

Your "friend" Maxwell does not feel the need to follow the rules he is trying to force on the rest of us.

Mr. Pope, I think you could do better in the "friends" department.

anonymous47025 said...

what is this? pick on pope day?
anybody got any comments on the county website as mentioned at the meeting.
it's pathetic- nothing like the one the planning office has- now there's a site that gives you information online.

hh said...

did i read right the county might chip and seal some roads

Edith said...

"Do we see each other socially? Well, I've gone on a couple of motorcycle rides when he was along. So, what's your definition of "friend"?"

Definition of A Friend:


Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

What's wrong with a political cartoon.

For people who at the moment totally contarol Dearborn County they have no sense of humor. Some of them can't even read like IC 36-2-2-5(d) but pictures they understand.

Plebeian said...

"What's wrong with a political cartoon.??"

The legal system is backing the development crowd...not the St Leon or DC taxpayers. The St Leon Town Council is letting the lawyers fight for the money of representation NOT what is right for the taxpayers.
Council needs to stand up and fight for fair representation of the taxpayers, listen to lawyers, then use common sense and strive to represent what's needed to compromise a balance between the law and their represented constituents.

Fortitude said...

Needless to say, despite their comments that they don't pay attention to or read the blog the bad guys were feeling the sting of the public's outrage at these Boss Hogs, and I do mean HOGS of Dearborn County.

Think of Messmore's erronous piece in the Newspaper, mistating Indiana Code and attacking Chris, concerning the blog and suggesting to her how she should spend her
time.(big brave highly educated Messmore) This was published by Awad who apparently agreed with this nonsense.

Awad's editorial page should really be filled with classified ad and cards of thanks.