Sunday, May 04, 2008


Electing County Commissioner Ralph Thompson 2006 was a beginning in stemming the tide of ongoing unrestricted and fiscally irresponsible high density development.

However, a 2/3 voting majority of the problem remained with commissioners Jeff Hughes and Rick Fox who are both up for re-election this year.
They have maintained a status quo of poor governance.
Ralph Thompson alone is powerless to stop them.

Hughes and Fox continue to approve zone changes for multiple high density subdivisions where they don't fit.
We have to make up their property tax shortfall, while losing more of our rural character with each new development.
Ordinances to force expensive and unnecessary sewer hook-ups to subsidize the developers are in the works.

Recent articles from the April 2008 Dearborn County Register edition explain these issues in depth.
Please take the time to read them to understand the severity of these issues.

Republican Rick Fox is running unopposed in the primary election next Tuesday.
Republican Jeff Hughes, however, is opposed by Republicans Rick Pope and Kathy Scott.

Kathy Scott is running on three campaign themes of honesty, fairness and persistence.
Kathy believes in sewers for our health rather than other's wealth.
Kathy stands for open government, listening to and governing according to the will of the people.
Kathy believes in smart fiscal growth for the county, not profitable growth and citizen subsidization for the developers.

Her candidacy letter from the April 15, 2008 Register explains her position and credentials.

If at all possible, we urge you to select a Republican ballot in the upcoming primary and vote for Kathy Scott.
Just one more commissioner next year with the right attitude can give us back our county government.

Additionally, please spread the word before election day to as many as possible.

Please forward this to as many other concerned Dearborn County voters as you can.

We either act now on May 6 or we open ourselves up to four more years of the same.

Thank you for your time.



jb said...

Anyone see the rolling Hughes sign being driven around the county today?

Is this guy desperate?

DCCitizen2 said...

Scott is important in the effort to replace Hughes.

But Council is also important. Charlie Fehrman needs to go. Vote for Thom Hammond, Pat Holland and Bill Ullrich to put good concerned citizens on Council.

Maybe then DCRSD can be strangled out of existence.

politicalpolly said...

desperate- yes- I heard the big speeches from Fox and Hughes at the sewer ordinance meeting Thursday. Lots of big brave talk- but their previous actions fall short. They got us to this mess and now they ACT like the big white knights come to save us. It's all an act.These dudes have to go.

anonymous47025 said...

did you hear WSCH news this morning? report on another incidence of suppressed evidence from improper search warrant.
what's that about?

Alan S. Freemond, Sr. said...

We either act now on May 6 or we open ourselves up to four more years of the same.

It weill be worse because the DCDEI and the C of C will really start to roll given 4 more years in which to fill our couty with subdivisions, invite another Vieste type outfit, continue to misread Indiana code as did Messmore.

They will be able to push that low pressure sewer pipe wherever they think that they can raise revenue by their cherished forced hookup irrgardless of Hughes/Fox declarations against forced hookups. ,

This election is damned important

We must get Kathy elected. Fox might be tougher to beat in November because of his and his family's friendship with Johnnnny "I did't know" NUGENT and Nugents enormous campaign chest.

DCCitizen2 said...

Hughes is spending a bunch of money on signs and mailers. He appears to be desperate to retain his seat.

Hopefully the citizens of Dearborn County will not let him and his development backers "buy the election".

Voice of Reason said...

Once again, congratulations to Jeff Hughes. Jeff is a very honest and honorable man. It's nice to see the general public doesn't believe the crap that is disseminated on (and off) this blog.