Thursday, May 01, 2008


Candidates Night Draws Nearly One Hundred Citizens

Candidates Night started promptly at 6 PM at the North Dearborn Library organized by Bob Bissett who served as moderator. Sixteen candidates were present. Rick Fox and Casey Finnegan did not come. Charlie Fehrman sent an email with regrets due to a family problem at his church.

Bissett’s opening remarks stated that he wanted to learn more and thought he’d help the community in the process. Bissett was originally from PA and his wife is from Dearborn County. They live in Kelso Township. The Bissetts met at Mount St. Joe, where he received his degree at age 46 and he completed his masters at Ball State at age 57. He was concerned that SD school were $90 million in debt, that a comprehensive capital plan was proposed with a $70 + million price tag, that there were major issues with St. Leon sewers, and tax assessment seemed to be an on-going problem.

Bissett outlined the rules- 6 minute each and 3 minutes for questions. Candidates were not allowed to go after each other. He outlined the Commissioner and Council jobs and asked Judge Witte to do the same for the Superior Court 1 position. Candidates would speak via random draw with preschooler Bridgette (sp?) Blondell pulling the names.

WSCH’s Mike Perleberg (FM 99.3) covered the event and has posted a summary online as well as airing clips of candidates statements during their news broadcasts on Thursday.

(Register Publications also has Tues and Thurs papers this week with comprehensive interviews of candidates in opposing elections as well as ads from all candidates for more information.)

Rather than summarizing their statements- I think the best way to get a flavor of each of these people is to actually HEAR them in context.

Mike Perleberg of WSCH has graciously agreed to post the 2.5 hours in 4 clips of a little over a half hour each. Go to the website

I think you will learn enough to vote intelligently this Tuesday.

And my personal thanks to Mike and WSCH for this service to the citizens.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township

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