Friday, March 16, 2007

Density of New Residential Development

The citizens of Dearborn Co. are still being fooled by the density issue in the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning / Subdivision Reg's.

When a developer offers his comprehensive plan of 100 units (homes) on 300 acres it sounds as if each home is situated on 3 acres. This is not so. The homes are usually clustered on much less acreage. The real plan could be 3 to 4 homes per acre depending on the subdivision rule and this is usually the case.

Clustering like this is well accepted and is sold to communities as a good idea.

Well so much for "RURAL LIVING".

Rural living is "SPACE", space to breathe, for quiet, for unencumbered views, for the night sky, for green and trees and a place to come home to to revitalize.

This averaging homes per acreage is a farce. It fools the citizens, the neighbors of the new developement into thinking that they are going to have green space next to them when in fact it may be 3 garages.

Averaging homes per acreage is a deal maker for the developer.

This averaging should be abolished and the units per acre should be specifically defined in the Comprehensive Plan and the Zoning / Subdivision Ordinances.

Submitted by, Kathy Scott

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