Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Vieste and London- Witte’s Running Tab on the Capital Projects Management Claims

Vieste and London- Witte’s Running Tab on the Capital Projects Management Claims presented at the last commissioner’s meeting and signed by Messmore,County Administrator, and Dick Robertson, Vieste Representative. They are to be paid at the first April Commissioner meeting. Details are below:

PSA Dewberry presented a separate claim for programming and schematic design (with a not to exceed amount of $325,000) on the Justice Center for total billing $11,713.44 specifying :

Architect I -21.3 hrs x $60= $1278
Architect VII -75 hrs x $130- $9750
Eng/Plan/LA I -1 hr x $65= $65
Eng/Plan/LA VII- 4.5 hrs x $130 = $585
Tech Ass’t III - 0.5 hrs x $55= $27.50
Direct deliveries $7.94

London Witte presented a detailed billing for their financial work from 8/16 – 12/31/2006 totalling $30,000 with $7,500 temporary deferral = $22,500.

There are 7 pages of details on meeting dates and hours, postage, travel time (not mileage but actual paying hourly for travel) For example- on 12/20/2006 the detail shows:
Meeting in Lawrenceburg – no hours- $89
Travel to Lawrenceburg for team meeting- 2 hrs= $400
Prepare and participate in group/team meeting -2.75 hrs=$550
Return form group meeting in Lawrenceburg- 2 hrs= $400
Total for 12/20/2006 for Higgins work and travel is: $1439
Higgins works at $200/hr, Scarafia works at $70/hr, Miller works at $70/hr, Swintz works at $175/hr on this invoice for 2006 from London Witte.

Vieste presented billing with little detail for $67,814.97

Invoice shows $5,000 for master plan services for PSA Dewberry (as subcontracted to Vieste)- no details- just 2/3 completed of $7500= $5000

Mileage for Jan and Feb 2007 for Mark Branaman of 1736 miles for $437.47 Details show DCCPM, MAP, MAEP, and Wabash-Agrienergy mileage.

Vieste Capital Program Management Feb 2007 Criminal Justice Facility $62,377.50- NO DETAILS ON THIS PORTION!

Pickens also noted that Vieste was paid twice prior to this for $22,500 and $15,000. Those claims were published previously in the local paper.

Total of all the above is $139,527.41

This money comes from the $612,000 that was set aside for the Justice Center Project.
Per Pickens- Vieste’s contract, which was signed in Sept 2006, was for $120,000 with deferred payments in it. When presented at meetings we were told $30,000 for 2006 and $30,000 for 2007.

Pickens said it’s a 75/25% split with Vieste ($90,000) and London Witte ($30,000) and nearly a 50/50% split between Justice Center and the NW Quad. Of this $120,000, half will come out of the $612,000 for the Justice Center and the other half will come out of the economic development fund, if appropriated in July.

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township


Anonymous said...

25% of all gross governmental receipts to paid to Vieste accountants for time utilized to bill governmental bodies on the quarter hour.

Please reimburse the writer of this blog entry on the eighth of an hour protocol.

All readers of this entry, bill accordingly.

Alan S.Freemond Sr. said...

A I said, Viesta must resign.

Now let's kick'em out . Then Ice Miller the bond council for Dearborn Cnty AND sometime Vieste council will sue for contraced payments and their own( Ice Miller) fees.

The commishes and Mr. Messmore all of whom are highy sophisticated financial people, men of great sagacity got us into this and this is just the beginning.

Anonymous said...

The corporate Hogs are lining up to the DC money trough.

Anonymous said...

Mark Branaman to his personal assistant:

"I need to make a payment on one of my Beemers...give one of the two commissioner dolts a phone call...ramble on for 10 minutes...round the call off to an hour for billing purposes. Charge your dialing time to Dearborn County also."

Anonymous said...

How much do you want to bet, that Vieste and their cohorts, will not support and contribute to any future candidate for Dearborn County office who has little more than a GED?

Anonymous said...

At least their is some good news on the radio today!

Sewer rates are going up, up, up!

Thanks to all the Corporate Pawns in our local government!

Anonymous said...

Sewer rates are going up, up, up!

Everyone! Look to the right and look to the left of the big "Fehrman" sign on 50!

Brett and Rodney are doing their best to include you in the big sewer folly!

Anonymous said...

The corporate Hogs are lining up to the DC money trough.

Lining up...hell!

Our political hacks are taking the slop right to the doors of the Corporate Hogs!

"Meals on Wheels" for swine!