Friday, March 16, 2007

The Public Meetings for the Master Plan begin this weekend and end next weekend:

Sat March 17 -East Central- 1-4
Wed March 21 - Manchester School- 6-9
Sat March 24- Lawrenceburg HS- 9-12

It is very important that you attend these meetings to see what the future land use maps are considering for your area and also for the county as a whole. This is also an opportunity for you to check what the county has mapped as your CURRENT land use. You may discuss that with county planning staff and help correct any errors you see in those current land use maps.

For these public land use map meetings, the Plan Commission staff has prepared handouts and presentation materials that include:

Future Land Use Surveys- very important to put your name and address on these- OR THEY WON'T BE COUNTED!

Color handouts depicting the three (3) Alternative Future Land Use Draft Plans

Handouts that describes the differences between land use plans and zoning documents

General public forms

Existing land use exercise cards.

These materials for the open houses have been posted online on the Planning Office website at:

The Plan Commission staff has also prepared a 5-6 minute self-rotating powerpoint presentation for the meetings as an ‘Executive Summary’ to our land use planning process.
This presentation will help those trying to distinguish the differences between land use and zoning.

If you cannot make any of the meetings, you can download materials from the county website and also see the maps in the local newspaper. Be sure to mail in your comments and survey with your name and address, if you wish your opinion to be considered. The county planning office can be reached at 537-8821 for further questions.

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