Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Re-Elect Karen Shell to HVL POA Board

Do the RIGHT thing for our HVL Community

Karen Shell
for POA Board


Karen’s main concern is a “Better Quality of Life” for HLV residents.

1. Safety for the residents
2. Law Enforcement and Justice
3. Community Improvements
4. HVL Resident – 22 years

Karen’s experience enables her to make good decisions for HVL Residents.

1. HVL POA Board – 2 years
2. HVL Safety Committee
3. Dearborn County Commissioner – 4 years
4. Dearborn County Trustee – 4 years
5. Dearborn County Auditor – 6 years
6. Dearborn County Treasurer – 6 years
7. Tri Township Water Board
8. Visitor’s Bureau Board
9. Lawrenceburg Precinct Committeeman


Our #1 Choice

Karen will continue to make our community strong and safe.

Please Vote before April 14, 2007 - Thank you for caring

Submitted by Karen Shell
Candidate for HVL POA Board
Hidden Valley Lake


Alan S.Freemond Sr. said...

While they are at it in HVL let's reelect Karen for COUNTY COMMISH!

Anonymous said...

Remember, there are folks in County Republican leadership who do not believe in elections...they prefer selections.

They will push their RINO...but will fall back to a DINO.

A drunk Republican with a shiny tie...will undercut the choice of the rank and file while he continues to lie.

Dearborn County, land of the free...as long as you pay the DCEDI's fee.

Anonymous said...

I need your donation

Anonymous said...

I need your donation

Cary Pickens! Is that you?

All you already soliciting donations for your favorite democrat to run against Karen?

Anonymous said...

allen said

we tried that it did not work or
help anything positive.