Friday, March 16, 2007

We Can't Hear You!

We Can't Hear You!

The Dearborn Council Meeting on March 14, 2007 had a large attendance. Many people were standing in the hallway. The problem was that we could not hear what was being said.

There is always a problem with people not speaking into the microphones, so it is important that the people on the podium make a point of doing so--and turn your voice volume a little higher--please. Also, is it possible to have a microphone for each person--if there are nine people, nine microphones, etc? If members of these boards continue to forget to speak in the microphones, perhaps clips could be placed on their jackets, or pocket, so their voices can be heard.

Another important issue is that there have been large crowds at meetings and not enough seats or space to accommodate them. Why not put some seats in the hallways--there may be fire code regulations, but certainly more seats could be added. Also, there is a need for a speaker system for the hallway, so that people can hear what is being said. If there is not a large crowd, the speakers in the hallway could be turned off.

Helen Kremer
Logan Township

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jaysandy said...

I spoke with Stephanie Disbro about this today (3/19). She said that there are supposed to be WIRELESS mikes that can be attached to the person, thereby eliminating the problem of not being close enough to the mike to be heard. She's looking into it.

Sandy Whitehead