Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Questions We'd Like Council to Ask Wednesday Night

The Citizens Want to Know

Since the public probably won’t be able to ask any questions Wednesday- could Council members ask these questions on the record?

Questions for Wednesday Council Meeting:

1. What are the qualifications and educational background of Comparato, Branaman, and Robertson- individually?

2. What other companies are each of them affiliated with?
Comparato shows up as being hired as COO of Endangered Species Chocolate Company in a Jan-Mar issue of Organic Processing Magazine. There are references to being part of CTE Engineering Inc in Chicago in 2004-5. There are references to being spokesperson and project manager for Market Square Partners in Indy in 2004-5 and now Vieste. How many other companies is Comparato affiliated with?

3. Is Comparato affiliated with Compson Holding Company in NY, Boca Raton, and Virginia?

4. Why does Vieste have 2 Indianapolis area offices and phone numbers ( see white pages online)- one in Indy as on the web site and one in Lawrence, IN at 9105 E 56th St Indy 46216 Ph (317) 524-6380?

5. Who wrote the RFQ’s for the RFP that netted only 2 applicants?

6. Where were the RFP’s advertised? Besides our local paper?

7. WHO decided to add the NW Quadrant and economic development to the original proposal for the capital projects (justice center)?

8. Who reviewed the 2 applicants and chose to recommend Vieste?

9. Why does a study include marketing, engineering and architectural design?

10. What is the position of Dick Robertson in Vieste? Is he a stockholder? What exactly are his duties here in the county?

11. Do any of the principals have any professional licenses or registrations? (This is a specific part of qualifications)

12. Why are we hiring Vieste to do the same work as DCEDI and the Comprehensive Land Use Advisory Committee? Or should the funding for DCEDI be withdrawn?

13. What is the relationship of London Witte to Vieste? A subconsultant?

14. How can the results of the Comprehensive Land Use Map be utilized since the Vieste timeline shows a finish well before the completion of the Comprehensive Land Use Map?

Christine Brauer Mueller
Lawrenceburg Township
with assistance provided by other citizens


Anonymous said...

All good questions. Guess we'll find out who, if anyone is lookin out the the taxpayers of Dearborn county or ............

Alan S.Freemond Sr. said...

Ask them why did Vieste et al enter into the county commish election by opposing one of the candidates.

Pandora's jar couldn't have more interesting thing that answer to this simple question.